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Living green & eating clean (& all the judging eyes out there..)

28 Jan

cococut time!

The thing that really gets under my skin is when people assume that because I ‘eat clean’ it automatically means I live on lettuce leaves, flavorless food and not much else. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but hey, I can get past this.

But what is really hurtful is when my awesome clients begin to let go of their unhealthy habits and replace them with good ones i.e. exercise and eat regular, nourishing meals, their friends and some family members judge them and make them uncomfortable for doing so!! This is outrageous and makes me extremely sad.

Time and time again people judge others who live differently to them. Whether people choose to live as a vegan, a paleo meat eater (like me) or just cut sugar from their diet, a stern look from the non believer and mini speech about how “wrong” they’re living is never too far off.

What happened to supporting one another?!

Does it not matter that my clients, who are now moving their bodies regularly and eating a colourful diet, feel amazing, energized and can handle stress a lot easier?

I must also point out that I NEVER feel deprived eating the way I do. I eat at least 5-6 meals a day (every 3 hours or I get low blood sugars level and get a tad crazy but that is another story). I still go out for breakfast, I still give in to my sweet tooth on occasion (hello raw desserts or Pana Chocolate!) and I still can go out a have a good time with my friends.

It is just about adding more of the ‘good stuff’ into your life – which in turn leaves less room for the ‘bad stuff’. The gorgeous Jess Ainscough, from The Wellness Warrior, has written a great post about healthy swaps and trading bad food for something much healthier – read it in full here.

Swapping dairy, which is difficult to digest, mucus/acid forming, to nut milk, high in calcium that you actually absorb, high in good fats, easier to digest and tastes amazing, is one great example.

Switching sports drinks (read sugar) for a real fresh coconut (high in electrolytes) and one of my favorite things in the world, is another.

Are you a pasta lover? Zucchini pasta with homemade sauces with meatballs have changed my life (and tummy). There are healthy alternatives for pretty much everything and therefore no shortage of great options next time the haters come around for dinner!

Are you someone who accidently judges others without knowing the full picture? Maybe it was the other way around and you were the one who received the disapproving looks at lunchtime? Maybe you were eating your homemade feast while they ate their mac ‘n’ cheese with a side of fries and coke…?

So what to do?

Smile my friends, just smile!

Talking of healthy food and healthy lives – if you’re in need some major inspiration check out Instagram – there’s a plethora of amazing people doing great things out there that can give you a friendly reminder everyday to get out and be awesome.

My faves at the moment are:

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ROXY (and any cool surf peep who get to travel the world and just be awesome!)

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Let me know your favorites!

Goal setting for 2013

20 Jan


follow that dream

Let’s talk about goal setting – stay with me here it’s not as daggy as you think!!

In the past I always stayed clear of going down this path, maybe because I thought it would just set me up for failure and disappointment, but then again this was years ago and my goal was probably something along the lines of ‘be a millionaire by 20’ and ‘marry Leonardo DiCaprio’ – unclear and unrealistic..

Luckily I came around! 
It was after taking pen to paper assessing my current ‘path’ and where I actually wanted to be, that I realized how far from it I really was. I was just coasting along letting things happen rather than making things happen. Needless to say, I am now a big fan and attribute this to some pretty big changes in my life!

Think of goal settings as New Year’s resolutions pumped up with a mini marketing plan to back them up.

So what I want you to do is pour yourself a cuppa, get out some pens and papers and get writing!!

Break things up into sections – relationships (friends/family/partner), career (current/dream career/courses etc), health (exercise/nutrition), home/life.

Ask yourself what you were grateful in 2012, what did you discover?

What were the achievements that you were proud of and how can you build on them in 2013?

What about the people in your life – who supported you (and who kind of pissed you off or could do without in your life)? Write down a couple of answers for each.

Then look at the year ahead – what are your top 3 goals and what tools do you need to help reach your goals?

Write what your ideal year ahead looks like and map out how your going to make this happen!!

So what was I most grateful in 2012?

Mine was having an amazing boyfriend (now fiancé!), family and friends in my life, living in a beautiful city, two great jobs, the opportunity to travel (Nepal, London, Paris and New York) and my pup to love!!

To help you with this task you should most definitely check out a fab website I stumbled across – – it has a handy document to print out and helps you, step by step, to address your 2013 goals. Its simple, clear and I couldn’t do it any better if I tried! You can find it here. She also has a bunch of e-courses for you to check out, so spend some time on her site.

Give it a shot and hopefully it will open your eyes too!

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