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Vision boards

22 Jul

vision board

Vision boards are the ultimate in manifestation. It’s where goals and dreams have a place to live until, in some crazy magical way…they become a reality.

What the heck is a vision board you may be asking? Well in a nut shell you cut out a bunch of pictures, affirmations and words and place them on a board (cork, fridge, wall whatevs – let’s not discriminated where dreams are created) and put it out there for the universe to bring back to you.

Easy right.

But before you grab the scissors and start cutting out superficial surface needs and desires from your latest glossy, think about what you really want, what appeals to your deeper self? What do you want to put ‘out there’ to bring into your life? Confidence to public speak? Images of your dream holiday in Italy? Want to win awards for your blog? Motivation to improve your health and change your lifestyle?

Now hold this vision in your mind and get ready to get creative – and don’t worry if you’re not fluent in artsy cool, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised at the end collage result.

The next step is to go through the piles of magazine laying around your house (or is that just me..?) and start tearing out the images that appeal to all of your ‘primary foods’ and goals (primary foods means not only health, but also relationships, spirituality, work, lifestyle etc) and remember don’t just rip out pics of stunning gals with amazing abs (ok maybe just a couple), keeping coming back to those deep seated goals.

After arranging everything on your board, have a moment to take it all in, feel free to eliminate things that no longer resonate with you.

What have you created? A vision board that screams ‘I Know Exactly What I Want’? A very specific job or change of location/environment perhaps? Living near the coast will be on mine – hello Bondi.

Maybe you went down the ‘Opening and Allowing’ Vision Board path where you have a vision of what you want, but are uncertain about it in some way. This often happens in times of depression or grief – you want change but not sure how. This board is less ‘ego’ and more feeling focused. So does that picture evoke happiness in you? Then wack it up!

Do you have a particular goal you are focused on like work or a significant event? Then maybe a ‘Theme’ Vision Board is for you. The only difference between this board and the others is that this one has clear parameters and intent.

Of course you can use a combination of all three – it’s your board!

Author Martha Beck says ‘The board itself doesn’t impact reality; what changes your life is the process of creating the images—combinations of objects and events that will stick in your subconscious mind and steer your choices toward making the vision real.’

I have always loved hearing stories about people’s visions board and the positive results it has brought, if you have any please share below!

Happy creating x


Goal setting for 2013

20 Jan


follow that dream

Let’s talk about goal setting – stay with me here it’s not as daggy as you think!!

In the past I always stayed clear of going down this path, maybe because I thought it would just set me up for failure and disappointment, but then again this was years ago and my goal was probably something along the lines of ‘be a millionaire by 20’ and ‘marry Leonardo DiCaprio’ – unclear and unrealistic..

Luckily I came around! 
It was after taking pen to paper assessing my current ‘path’ and where I actually wanted to be, that I realized how far from it I really was. I was just coasting along letting things happen rather than making things happen. Needless to say, I am now a big fan and attribute this to some pretty big changes in my life!

Think of goal settings as New Year’s resolutions pumped up with a mini marketing plan to back them up.

So what I want you to do is pour yourself a cuppa, get out some pens and papers and get writing!!

Break things up into sections – relationships (friends/family/partner), career (current/dream career/courses etc), health (exercise/nutrition), home/life.

Ask yourself what you were grateful in 2012, what did you discover?

What were the achievements that you were proud of and how can you build on them in 2013?

What about the people in your life – who supported you (and who kind of pissed you off or could do without in your life)? Write down a couple of answers for each.

Then look at the year ahead – what are your top 3 goals and what tools do you need to help reach your goals?

Write what your ideal year ahead looks like and map out how your going to make this happen!!

So what was I most grateful in 2012?

Mine was having an amazing boyfriend (now fiancé!), family and friends in my life, living in a beautiful city, two great jobs, the opportunity to travel (Nepal, London, Paris and New York) and my pup to love!!

To help you with this task you should most definitely check out a fab website I stumbled across – www.susannahconway.com – it has a handy document to print out and helps you, step by step, to address your 2013 goals. Its simple, clear and I couldn’t do it any better if I tried! You can find it here. She also has a bunch of e-courses for you to check out, so spend some time on her site.

Give it a shot and hopefully it will open your eyes too!

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